Siberian Husky Pup Scheduled for Euthanasia for Being Born Like This

Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is a developmental deformity of newborn dogs and cats, where the limbs are splayed laterally resulting in an inability to stand or walk. explains that the term ‘swimmer’ in Swimmer’s Syndrome is used to describe a puppy that paddles his legs much like a turtle would, but is unable to stand. “A puppy should be standing and walking by three weeks of age. As a result of weak muscles in the rear limbs, swimmers are generally unable to stand at the normal age.” Casper was an unlucky Siberian Husky puppy born with not only this syndrome, but had a weak heart with a faint pulse. 

The breeder did not know what to do with the puppy, but Gina, an Acuscope Biotechnician, was committed to saving his life and took him to a veterinarian. The veterinarian said that they usually euthanize puppies with Swimmer’s Syndrome, explaining that maybe in three months he will walk if he survives, but chances are, that he will not. Gina wasn’t about to give up on the puppy, though, and took him home, taking care of him and helping him to get back on his feet… literally.

Watch the video below to see what a beautiful dog Casper grew up to be, all because of a good samaritan who stepped in to save his life. Share this wonderful story with friends and family to spread the important message that every life matters.