Husband Fills House With Puppies To Surprise His Wife

There are many cute videos out there of individuals surprising their significant others in various ways, but this video may take the cake. Why? Because it’s so much cuteness at once! It shouldn’t be a surprise, though, because the entire stunt was pulled off by Bryce Jurgy, husband to Nellie Jurgy, and the two are quite the duo together (and individually, as seen in this surprise video). Known as “The Jurgys” on YouTube, the husband and wife take on new adventures every week and vlog about them on YouTube. This particular adventure was a very special one that Bryce put together by himself (with the help of some friends and Nellie’s co-worker), and it is of course filled with puppies… lots and lots of puppies!

Nellie really wants a puppy, but they can’t have one in the house they are currently renting. So, Bryce took to Facebook asking for as many puppies as possible, blocking Nellie from the post. In his pursuit to surprise Nellie with lots of puppies for one miraculous day, he learned about Puppies For Rent, Utah’s premier pet adoption service that has a very unique approach to animal rescue – allowing families to rent puppies and experience the joy of pet ownership before committing to adopt.

There are two videos below for your viewing pleasure – a shortened version to skip right to Nellie’s reaction, and the full video to get the full story. All we can say is full-on husband goals!

Shortened Video:

Watch the video below for a short version of Nellie’s reaction to walking into her house to puppies galore.

Guy fills house with puppies to surprise his wife

Husband goals right here

Credit: The Jurgys

Posted by Viral Thread on Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Full Video: 

Watch the below video for the full story of how Bryce pulled off the surprise (and may more minutes of precious puppies to oogle over).