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If you’ve made it to our website, chances are that you love animals as much as we do. You likely believe that “Life Is Better With A Dog” or that your feline friend has left “Paw Prints On Your Heart.” You’re in good company because we feel the same way.

In July of 2014, my husband and I founded iHeartPets as a side project. We were working at our 9 to 5’s and wanted to add something to our lives for the sake of pure enjoyment. Both of us are avid animal lovers – I’ve primarily always been a dog & cat person, while my husband has had everything from Roosters to Iguanas (he grew up on a farm). Since both of us work with websites, we decided to start a blog, and given our affinity with animals, sharing stories about pets was an obvious choice for us.

That was almost 5 years ago, believe it or not. Since then, our little site has gathered a healthy following of people who are as passionate about animals as we are. We frequently receive emails asking us to share a story or a cause that is close to one of our readers’ hearts, and we’re happy to use our platform to help people in need.

Most recently, we added some beautiful items for advocates looking to take a step beyond the simple enjoyment of stories. We are now offering gorgeous natural stone bracelets, pins, rings, and in the near future, apparel. Our promise is that a portion of every sale will go towards important animal advocacy causes, such as feeding shelter dogs, rehoming animals, and other important issues. So not only will you receive something beautiful that raises awareness, but you can feel good knowing a portion of your purchase will go towards making a real difference.

You can feel good about anything you purchase from iHeartPets, knowing that you’re supporting not only a small mom & pop blog with a positive mission, but animal related causes that are important to all pet advocates.

We want to thank you again for visiting iHeartPets, and for your support. We’re glad you found us – if you’re a first time participant in one of our store efforts, please use the code DOG10 for an extra 10% off your first purchase.

Thank you again for your support!

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