Tiny Dog Takes An Adorable Ride On Golden Retriever Friend’s Back

If you’re small, then you probably know how inconvenient your lack of height can be. Getting cans of soup down from the top shelf is a nightmare, approximately zero jeans are the correct length, getting on roller coasters can be a little hit-or-miss, and you get carded every time you buy wine. It’s rough out here for little folks.

And the same can be said for tiny dogs sometimes. Although often showing a little more, shall we say, bravado than their larger counterparts, little dogs have to deal with not being taken seriously, needing help on and off the couch, and dealing with humans who inexplicably dress them up like dolls at all times. But one tiny doggo has learned to take advantage of her stature. Lara the Bichon Frise (how much fancier could she be?) loves to ride on her buddy Gilda the Golden Retriever! Too tired to walk across the yard? No problem! Gilda is basically like an extra-fuzzy pony.

Check out their adorable arrangement in the video down below!