Adorable Black Dog Beats The Heat In Kiddie Pool

Anyone with dark hair knows that the summer can be rough, especially if that dark hair happens to be long. Tying it up in a knot ends up being the only solution to scorching heat halfway through most summer days and it can be a total drag. It’s hot enough without this nonsense. Now imagine being covered in that dark hair from head to toe.

That’s what our dogs have to deal with when summer rolls around. Just ask Teal from Moses Lake, Washington. She and her human dad have come up with the perfect solution since she can’t retreat under a bun or ponytail and it’s seriously adorable. They fill up a kiddie pool so she can splash around for hours! Dad says she’s a really good swimmer when she’s in a lake, but since she’s a leggy girl, splashing like crazy is the move when she’s in the pool. Check her out in the adorable video down below!