Puppy Adorably Loses His Mind When He Figures Out Where He’s Going

We really don’t give dogs enough credit. Sure, they may act like derpy messes a lot of the time, but they’re at least a little bit smarter than they let on. After all, if you could act like a total dingus all day and be rewarded for it, wouldn’t you? Sometimes they just reveal their intelligence in…well…interesting ways.

Take this adorable pup, for example. While in the car one day with Dad, he was just minding his own business and staring out the window from the passenger’s seat. But then he notices something. “Hey wait, I know where we are!” After seeing some familiar scenery, the hilarious dog starts losing his marbles, whining and carrying on. When Dad asks where they are, the pooch excitedly jumps into his lap while he’s driving, licking his face and going totally ballistic! Watch his precious freak-out in the video down below!