Sassy Husky Won’t Look At Mom Until She Does Something Hilarious

Huskies are fickle creatures. They’re temperamental, they’re finicky, and they’re way too sassy for words. It takes a special kind of human to understand all of the beautiful husky’s behavioral quirks, but those with patience know that the work is more than worth the reward, which is a loyal doggo with a sense of humor that’d have anyone’s sides splitting.

Mya the husky comes down with a case of the sassies every now and then when she’s mad at Mom. In fact, when Mom applied her monthly flea and tick treatment one time, Mya decided she was totally fed up. In protest, she chose to lay down with a grumpy attitude and not even acknowledge Mom calling her name. That’s when the human in this equation came up with a creative (and hilarious) solution to get Mya to pipe up a little bit. Watch the clever and super adorable method down below!