A Miniature Husky? Think Again…And Think A Little Weirder…

Hey… what is that? I wasn’t sure at first either. It looks like a teeny… tiny… miniature husky or a husky puppy…. laying next to another full grown husky. But, it’s not! What is it? Do you know? Think of the weirdest possibility you can conjure up in the weirdest part of your mind, and that MAY be the correct answer.

Check out these pictures, scroll to the bottom, and see if you were right:

Doggy made of Doggy Furs

Well this is… interesting.

Yes, the owner of this husky gathered up the dog’s loose hair and made another husky. I think that the Environmental Protection Agency would commend this person for recycling :-). Share this and maybe this ‘meta husky’ will inspire more ‘meta animals’ to be made out of animal fur!

Source: Reddit