Little Toddler Expertly Feeds Six Massive, Patient Pit Bulls

In terms of dog breeds, none have a worse rap than pit bulls. To many, they’re seen as destructive, violent monsters just because humans have exploited their strength and trained them to fight. But here’s a fun fact: pit bulls were originally nicknamed “Nanny Dogs” because they were such great babysitters for little ones! Without horrible human intervention, these dogs are sweet and really just want some love.

And one four-year-old knows just how kind and patient they can be. When dinner time rolls around, the little girl is the one in charge of feeding her SIX adorable (and super massive) pits! But she’s no pushover. Before they can chow down, they have to wait for their tiny overlord’s command. Check out the girl’s impressive dog training skills down below! She’s giving Cesar Millan a run for his money.