If You Don’t Think Cats Love Going For Rides, Then You Have To See This One

Those of you who have cats and dogs know that there’s usually one major distinction between them when you say the magic words: “Wanna go for a ride?” Most of the time, dogs begin jumping for joy and can hardly contain themselves at the prospect of a ride. Cats? Not so much. They usually meet such a question with marathon hiding sessions under the bed and that evil-sounding groaning noise they bust out when they’re really just not having it.

But there’s one Maine coon cat that just can’t get enough of rides — on bikes, that is! This kitty and his dog friend love tagging along with Dad on the bike, and they don’t need any silly side cars. Adam, the cat, hops in a basket and the pooch stands on a special platform like an adorable hood ornament. Check out their adorable ride in the video down below!