A Fallen Soldier’s Mother Was Telling The Story of His Heroism When Something Incredible Happened

Justin Rollins is a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of his country. He spent his final days in Iraq with his puppy whom he adopted. The night before Justin’s life was taken, a beautiful photograph was snapped of him cradling his pup. After he passed, Rollins’ mother asked that his army brothers to help her locate the puppy that Justin loved so much. Thankfully, they were able to do just that, and united Mrs. Rollins with that very pup.

Being such an incredible story of maternal love for her patriot son, ABC News rushed to the Rollins residence to share the touching story with the world. Little did the camera crew or Mrs. Rollins know that they may have had a special guest – Justin Rollins himself may have been looking down from heaven in that very interview. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Regardless of your faith, the sentiment of this footage is beautiful. Thank you for your service, Justin.