Please Pay Your Respects To Jethro The K9 Officer

To protect and serve is the motto of police officers everywhere, including those on four legs in the K9 police. Recently, a highly decorated member of that force, Jethro the K9 German Shepherd, made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of upholding that duty.

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The incident took place in Canton, Ohio, where Jethro was shot three times while courageously protecting police officers from and armed robber. One of the bullets resulted in a traumatic brain injury, and despite being rushed to a veterinary emergency center, Jethro was unable be saved. The brave K9’s partner, officer Ryan Davis, was with him in his final moments.

As for the perpetrator of this horrible act, police do have a suspect in custody. We can only trust the justice system will punish him accordingly, but this gives little Solace to Officer Davis, who was quoted saying he would take Jethro’s place in a heartbeat.

Please share this story and let us honor Jethro the K9 and the service he provided in the name of justice. Rest in peace – you were truly man’s best friend, buddy.

Via CBS News