Dog Loses His Mind When He’s Reunited With Vet Who Saved His Life

In March, tragedy struck when a homeless camp in West Palm Beach, Florida, caught on fire. The flames spread rapidly through the encampment as firefighters rushed to the scene and tried their best to get things under control. While spraying the area and searching for those in need, one firefighter noticed a 2-year-old dog tied to a tree. If he didn’t free the pup, he’d surely die.

By the time he got to the dog, he was dealing with second-degree burns on the back half of his body. He was rushed to a local veterinary hospital where he made a full recovery. After being adopted by one of the vets, he was renamed Fenrir, or Fen for short, and joined in with his new mama to participate in the local Peggy Adams Walk for the Animals event.

The whole day was filled with fun and Fen was having a great time, but at one point, he caught sight of someone who made him totally lose it. It was Dr. Federico Latimer, the vet who saved his life after the fire. Enjoy the whole dog-filled video down below or skip to the 6:07 mark to watch the sweet reunion!