Dog Finds Hiding Kids Under Inflatable Pool And Does Something Truly Hilarious

If you’re a dog mom or dad, you know that no matter the breed, dogs aren’t exactly geniuses all the time. Even brilliant German shepherds have derpy moments every now and then! This tendency to be a little on the dumb side makes them even cuter than they already are, and if there’s one lab who knows a thing or two about that, it’s this one.

While spending a beautiful spring day outside with the family, this adorable doggo decided to get in on a fun game of hide-and-seek with the littlest members of the crew. They hadn’t yet had Mom and Dad fill up their inflatable pool, so when it came time to hide from their four-legged buddy, they knew exactly what to do.

The crafty kids hoisted the pool over their heads and hid underneath it. That’s when the dedicated lab was sent out to find the kids, but when he got to the pool, he had no idea what to do. He smelled their scent but couldn’t find them for the life of him! He sniffed and sniffed at the pool, which was funny enough…but then things got truly real.

After realizing that he could lift the pool with his snout, he got all up in there. There were the kids! This was all wholesome and funny, but then things somehow even got more hilarious. In the hopes of setting the kids free, the pooch got himself into a pickle. He went right ahead and got stuck. In a panic, he started running, and you just have to see it to fully understand how hysterical the whole thing is! Check out this game gone wrong in the video down below.