Puppy Who Lived In Chains Destined For Life Of Abuse Gets Rescue She Deserves

When police were called to the scene of a case of devastating animal abuse, they found a pup chained to a tree in a Houston housing development. She was just seven months old. The staffordshire terrier mix had mange, her paw pads were a total disaster, and she very clearly distrusted and deeply feared all humans. She was enduring a type of abuse that millions of animals must suffer through and rescuers believe that she was bred to be a guard dog.

While her life had gotten off to a horrific start, learn more about her story down below and see how she miraculously transformed.

ziva with mange
Later named Ziva, this poor pooch was saved and placed in a shelter. Then one day, a woman named Barbara Zuluaga, a board member of A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue, caught wind of her story and hoped to nurse her back to health herself. She’s the one who gave her this unique name.
The name Ziva means brilliance, radiance, and light. That is what we saw when we looked into her eyes. There is just something there that called to us, and we knew we had to help her, despite the circumstances being stacked against her.
ziva full body photo

As much as Zuluaga wanted to be Ziva’s primary caregiver, it was clear that the dog needed a ton of medical attention, so a veterinary tech ended up taking her in after Ziva underwent three weeks of intensive care. She gave her all the love and attention the dog had always deserved, and eventually, Ziva started to transform.

ziva wearing shirt

Both Barbara and the vet tech fielded a ton of offers to foster little Ziva, and eventually, one came through! Now named Roxy this little nugget is on the mend. Her road to health and healing was a rocky one, but through her own determination and with the help of a few kind souls, she was able to turn it all around.

roxy and cassie
Above is a recent photo of this little fighter. Isn’t that amazing? We wish Ms. Roxy nothing but the best as she finds her forever home!