Woman Makes Crazy Discovery Behind Wall Leading To Rescue Of 4 Kittens

You know what they say about curiosity and cats, right? The two don’t mix well. That’s exactly what four tiny kittens found out when they somehow got trapped behind drywall in a woman’s home recently.

Because cats often feel comforted in darker, more cramped spaces, they tend to seek these places out to give birth. That can lead to some pretty sticky situations. What probably happened when the mom of these cats tried to find somewhere nice and safe to birth her babies is that she ended up trapped behind the wall, leaving the newborn kittens no chance to escape. While you’ve probably heard stories about people with mice in the wall, finding a litter of kittens there? That’s a little odd.

While in the house one day, this homeowner heard the familiar cry of kittens, but she was totally stunned when she realized that they were coming from the wall. Even though it’d be an expensive fix, she wasted absolutely no time ripping a hole in the wall and digging through insulation to rescue the little ones. Watch her pull off the amazing rescue in the video down below!