Senior Dog Comforts Human BFF When It’s Time To Let Go

Anyone who has a dog knows the pang of sorrow that hits when you look at your four-legged BFF and realize that they’re not going to be around forever. Animal lovers know the cycle of grief that comes with losing pets, but they bring so much joy into our lives that we continue to bring them into our homes to give them the best lives possible.

It’s a harsh reality that a young woman named Mya Davis is facing right now. Her dog of 12 years, Simba, has been her best friend since she adopted him from a shelter in 2006. At that point, he was already seven years old, making him an incredible 19 years old today!

Plenty of dogs at the shelter pulled at her heartstrings, but when Mya saw Simba, she knew he was the perfect fit for her. “I immediately knew he was the one. We had an instant connection with each other. I knew this puppy was going to be my childhood best friend,” she said.

Dogs tend to pick one person to really get attached to, and for Simba, that was his beloved Mya. They’ve shared every single up and down together, but now that he’s almost 20 years old, Mya has to start the heartbreaking process of saying goodbye.

In a video posted to Twitter, Mya let her friends and family know that she’s been taking time to remind Simba of how special he has been to her over the years and that if he has to let go, she fully supports and understands him. What she did not expect when she started having these heart-to-hearts with her buddy was for Simba to see how hard this was on her and start comforting her. Watch the video down below to witness the love these two have for each other and watch Simba dry his BFF’s tears. Share if their story moved you!