Kitten Gets Scared Watching A Horror Movie

Do you wonder if your cat or dog understands what’s happening during a TV show or movie? Some furry friends will sit on the couch, looking ever so intrigued by the television. Do they understand what’s on the screen? Are they enjoying the show? Or, is it simply just pretty lights and noises? posted videos of a kitten watching a horror movie. This cat does seem to know what’s happening!

This fur ball’s thoughts on the horror genre are uncertain, but he is certainly engaged. The videos are from Instagram account happycatfamily. In the first video, the kitten is watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In the second video, he is watching a American Horror Story Season 6 trailer. 

Do you see the pupils of the cat changing as the action picks up within the movie? It’s mesmerizing to watch. The cat’s reaction when the chainsaw starts is amazing. He must know something bad is happening. When the video was originally posted to Instagram, Happy Cat Family posted a fun caption:

Holy 💩💩💩 this guy has a chainsaw girl, you dumb? why the hell are you trying to hold that door??? just RUN! Like me 💨😱

I don’t blame the cat for running. I would, too! He left his cat friend behind in the background, though. 

I hope this cute cat is ready for American Horror Story Season 7, Cult.