Jealous Great Dane Needs Attention… What A Big Baby! LOL!

Wow, Dinky is one really, really jealous Great Dane! This is just too funny!

Between Ro Ro and Dinky, there is about 400 pounds worth of dog. They require a lot of food, a lot of water, a lot of space, and as you can clearly see in this video, a lot of love! Dad is giving Ro Ro some affection, and Dinky wants in on the action! However, he is just going to have to wait, because dad only has enough hands for one Great Dane at a time. Dinky isn’t going quietly though… listen to his deep, super serious, jealous voice! It’s just too funny… but wow, what a deep dog voice it is!

This isn’t the only dog that has been featured throwing a tantrum lately. Check out this talking Husky that throws a tantrum every time he has to leave the park.  What is it with dogs these days!? So spoiled! 😉