Grouchy English Bulldog Hates Getting Out Of Bed

Some people have a difficult time waking up in the morning. Some dogs also have a difficult time waking up in the morning. As non-morning person and also a proud English Bulldog owner, I can tell you that my dog and I fit into this category. We kind of enable one another, in fact. Hanging out in bed in the morning with a sleepy bulldog buddy is so much fun, that it makes it even more difficult to get myself up.

One of the things I love most about sharing my bed and my mornings with my bulldog is the sounds. As a bulldog owner, you become very accustomed the snarls, and slobbers, and unidentified burbles bursting from ever orifice of the wrinkly rascals. In the morning, these noises are especially distinct as they express their lack of interest in getting out of bed to go for a walk. The English Bulldog in the video below is no exception. Take a look, have a laugh, and see for yourself what I go through every single morning!

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