These Dogs Were Rescued From Dog Fighters. The Gratitude They Show Is Unforgettable.

I’m always astounded every time I hear of stories where dogs are raised in horrendous conditions for the purpose of dog fighting. It’s about as inhumane as it comes. Luckily, this is a story with a very happy ending. Animal Rescue Corps worked with the Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office to seize twelve dogs from the property of a suspected dog fighting operation in Isola, MS. These twelve dogs were living in horrible conditions, chained to the ground and kept locked up in small cages outside in the scorching sun. When they were finally rescued, though, the gratitude on the dogs’ faces is unforgettable. They are clearly so happy to finally be freed – it brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful story. Share this dog fight rescue story with you friends and family to help support Animal Rescue Crops in continuing to help dogs in poor conditions.