Holiday Hazards Every Pet Owner Should Be Aware Of

The holiday season is here! That means presents, guests, travel plans, and elaborate dinners to plan. Isn’t it exciting?

However, it’s this busy time of year that is the most likely to leave you a bit distracted and overwhelmed. For that reason, it is even more important than usual to be aware of holiday hazards for pets and take preventative measures to save you and your pet a trip to the emergency room. Here are 5 common dangers that can pose a threat to your pet during the holiday season:

1. Tinsel and Ornaments

Like so many other objects in your house, tinsel has a certain sparkle and allure that is very interesting to cats and dogs. It isn’t toxic, but if an animal eats tinsel, it can cause fatal complications in the digestive tract. For this reason, it’s advisable to refrain from using tinsel if you have pets in the house.

Similarly, ornaments can also have a magnetism for fur babies. They can pose a choking hazard, and if made of glass, can cause serious lacerations in the animals’ mouth and digestive tract. They can also create fatal intestinal issues if consumed.

2. Candles and Lights

While seemingly harmless, stringed lights can also pique the curiosity of your pet, especially with their irresistible blinking and fading patterns. If chewed, electrocution may occur.

Candles can also be hazardous; if knocked over, they can cause a fire, in addition to the burns that may occur from contact with the flame. So whether the candles are pine scented to mimic the smell of a Christmas tree, or a part of a menorah, please be aware.

3. Gift Bows and Ribbons

Similar to tinsel and ornaments, bows and ribbons can pose a threat to the stomach and intestines. Dispose of these quickly when they are no longer needed, and be wary of leaving wrapped gifts on display in the presence of your pets.

4. Holiday Plants

This one is a biggie. Here is a list of plants that are toxic to animals:

  • Mistletoe is incredibly toxic. In addition to vomiting and general sickness, it can also cause hallucinations and paranoia.
  • Poinsettias can induce vomiting.
  • Holly can cause intense stomach upset.
  • Pine Needles are a good reason to opt for an artificial trees. However, artificial trees need to be secured properly as well.

5. Dangerous Foods

Like plants, food hazards can sneak in and cause problems where you least expect. Here are a few:

  • Chocolate is toxic, and should be kept far away from your pets.
  • Turkey Bones can be choked on or even splinter in the dogs stomach, causing injury.
  • Almonds are very difficult for dogs to digest and can cause obstruction.

So kick back and relax, enjoy your time with your family, and please make this a joyful, memorable, and safe holiday season for you and your beloved fur babies! Please Share these holiday hazards for pets with your friends.

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