This Cat Follows The Boy To School And Why She Does It Is Amazing.

Milly Moos is one special cat, that truly cares for her little buddy, William Dutton. Three-year-old William was became anxious about attending pre-school, but the cat he grew up with, Miley Moos, was there to ease his anxiousness and reassure him. Not only does the cat sit next to him as he gets ready and ties his shoes, but she walked next to William as his mom, Victoria, walked him to school!

That’s not all, though – Milly even accompanies Victoria when she goes to pick William up at the end of the day. We can only imagine how much this must have relieved William! Watch below and share this special story with friends and family! I certainly wish I had a cat friend to follow me around everywhere. Somehow, I think that it would make everything just slightly more fun.