Woman Hilariously Catches Corgi Riding Her Pony In The Dead Of Night

One woman by the name of Callie Schenker is used to seeing her neighbor’s dog roaming around on her property in Halfway, Missouri. In fact, he regularly breaks into her house through the doggie door and helps himself to her dogs’ food, as any industrious doggo would. Even though he’s not her dog, he’s made it a point to make himself a regular fixture on her farm and in her home.

What the 22-year-old caught the corgi doing on February 1, however, was a bit out of the norm. As she pulled into her driveway that night, Schenker noticed that the pup had broken in again. But instead of wandering the property or stealing food, the dog had somehow climbed onto Cricket, one of Schenker’s ponies. She could barely contain her laughter when she laid eyes on the two of them just chillin’ in the paddock, but things got way, way funner when she prompted the pony to trot away.

Instead of falling off, the multitalented corgi rode off on Cricket like a total pro. The footage captured in the dead of night is just way too funny to miss!