This Toddler And Rescue Dog Were Caught Doing Something Really Cute!

This toddler and the family rescue dog are incredibly adorable together. When mom and walked the room with a camera, she caught Toby the rescue and Carter the toddler on the couch watching TV and cuddling. Carter and Toby are clearly bestest of friends! You can see more of this cute toddler and rescue dog combo on their Carter and Toby Instagram page.

I’m a firm believer that every child deserves a dog. Not only is physical contact crucial for the psychological and emotional development of children, but having a faithful companion can teach a child other lessons, as well. Empathy, communication, compromise and the expression of affection are all facilitated by the presence of a canine friend in the family. And, if they’re feeling especially synergistic, parents can assign responsibilities to the child to contribute to the care of the dog! Who doesn’t like a child with a good sense of responsibility and who understands the value of teamwork?