Tiny Dog Steals Pizza And Leads People Right To Her Litter Of Pups

Earlier this year, employees at an office park in Palo Alto, California, were gathered around a pizza for lunch when an unexpected visitor snatched a slice. At first they were taken aback by her bravado, but then they got a closer look at her. She was incredibly thin, she was dirty, and her abdomen indicated that she’d just given birth.

queen elizabeth terrier mix
Unsure of what to do next, they called the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA. When rescuers arrived, they let her wander a bit to see if she did, indeed, have little ones. Eventually, she led them to her babies.
week old puppies in grass

The poor dog was struggling to feed her little ones while not getting enough food herself. If things had gotten even a little bit worth, every single one of them could have died.

“This poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies,” said Buffy Martin Tarbox, spokeswoman for the rescue group.
queen elizabeth and puppies

Fortunately, a foster parent was able to take them in, and adorably, she gave them all royal names. In honor of the royal family, the mother was named Queen Elizabeth and the puppies were named William, Harry, Duchess Kate, Lady Di, Charlotte, and Meghan.

puppies rescued

All of them except for Duchess Kate are awaiting their forever homes! It’s a good thing Queen Elizabeth stole that piece of pizza, or else things could have been so much worse.