Terrified Dog Miraculously Survives Being Trapped Alive In Tar

For dogs who live on the street, life can be cruel. They’re often forced to beg for food and are usually met with cruelty, especially if the stray dog problem in their particular city is serious. Finding shelter is another concern — a need that’s not often met. These animals will duck, hide, and cower just about anywhere to escape the elements, and sometimes, that leads to disaster.

One dog in India was believed to have been doing just that when she found herself in an unspeakably awful predicament. Thinking that an overturned drum would be a good place to find refuge, the poor pooch had no idea that the drum was full of tar, which was semi-melted. When she climbed inside, she immediately got stuck because her own body heat warmed it up just enough to trap her. She could not escape.

By the time rescuers found her, she was complete encased in tar. They estimated that she’d already been there for days, unable to access food or water. If they didn’t get her out immediately, she would die. It was so bad that she had to be transported in the drum to the vet. After soaking the tar in vegetable oil, they were eventually able to soften it enough to get her out!

Watch the entire incredible rescue unfold down below.