Super-Rare Disease From South America Could Pose Risk To Dogs In U.S.

When Kiska the dog woke up one morning with her family in Texas, everything seemed totally normal. She was her happy, cheerful self, ready for a day full of playing with her favorite humans and her doggy sibling. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, she collapsed and was unresponsive. Mom and Dad rushed her to the animal hospital and it took multiple rounds of tests to figure out what was wrong. What the diagnosis ended up being left vets totally stunned.

Kiska had contracted a virus called Chagas disease, which typically only occurs in animals in South and Central America. Kiska’s doctor was completely floored because of just how rare the contraction of this virus is. It would make sense that this would occur in Texas, since it’s a border state. Vets believe that the pooch may have contracted it in her own backyard since Mom says the dog has a penchant for chasing bugs and chowing down. Learn more about the virus in the video and see how Kiska’s doing now down below!