Simba Is One Happy Dog When His Soldier Dad Comes Home!

Videos of soldiers and their dogs (and even cats) reuniting after being separated for long periods of time are always so heartwarming. Since our furry friends can’t talk, to physically see just how much they love their human parents is something that will never get old.

Here’s another story, from April DePaolo, who is the wife of SGT. Paul DiPaolo. The Sergeant finally came home after seven long months in Afghanistan. When April and her son brought the Sergeant home, they wanted to make sure their dog, Simba, was surprised. So, April sneaked in through the garage so that Simba would have no idea who was about to walk in through the front door of the house. April explained that Simba “was so excited to see him in person and not on a Skype date.” Wait until you see just how excited Simba gets when his soldier dad comes home.¬†What a precious moment!