Shelter Pup Comes Up With Adorable Tactic To Attract People To Its Kennel

Every year all around the world, millions of dogs find themselves in shelters. Whether they were taken away from their homes after knowing nothing but abuse or they were found scared and abandoned on the street, there are all sorts of ways that pups find themselves in crates lining shelter hallways. What’s worse is that many dogs stay in shelters for months on end without finding homes, or worse yet, they’re put to sleep because they don’t seem to attract forever families. This is a particularly tragic reality for older dogs.

But one pooch at Orange County Animal Services by the name of Ginger came up with a super clever way to remedy that issue! When humans venture closer to her kennel, she gets up on her hind legs and does something that would melt anyone’s heart. In fact, her smooth moves were so successful that she ultimately wound up finding a home! Check out her super cute performance down below.

Ginger Rogers is looking for a new dance partner!

Posted by Crystal L Kincaid on Wednesday, February 10, 2016