Sea Lion Joins Family For Kayaking Day

I’ve always thought that sea lions are the dogs of the ocean, and this video may very well prove it. They are such fun and silly little creatures that always seem to be looking for a little love and attention from humans.

A family visiting Santa Barbara from Orange County were taking a nice leisurely day kayaking when they found that a very unexpected visitor joined them on their kayak: a sea lion pup! But, then again, the water is the sea lion’s natural habitat, so maybe it was the kayaking family that were unexpected visitors to the sea lion! Either way, it looks like everyone had a great time together.

Joe Buttitta, who uploaded the video, said that the pup stayed on the back of the kayak for a whole half hour. And, this all happened on Valentine’s Day! Definitely a day to remember! Watch the cute little sea lion kayak below and share with friends and family if this made you smile!