This Dog Loves To Sing With His Owner, And Here’s The Science Behind It

The German Shepherd in the video below has a wonderful singing voice! When his owner begins to belt out a few bars, he just can’t help but begin singing along. You can see that as soon as he hears the sound of music, the German Shepherd wants to howl. Adorable! But, there’s also some science behind it. Why do dogs being howling when they hear music?

Watch this adorable video of a singing German Shepherd, and then read the explanation below!


First off, your dog is a pack animal. As such, they’re generally trying to read your behavior to inform what they should be doing at any given time, especially since they consider you the leader of the pack. They’re always trying to please you. When you begin singing, it cues their associative memory to the closest thing they can think of, which is their howl. They’re trying to be a productive and loyal member of the pack!

Wild Howling

But, where does the howl come from? Great question. The howl is one of the most primitive aspects of your dog’s behavior, inherited over centuries from his wolf ancestors. Even until this day, wolves use howling as a form of communication. There are several types of howls, but one of the most prominent applications is for guiding a pack. For example, if a dozen wolves have become spread out over a field or in the woods, the alpha male will use a howl to bring them back together.

Could The Howling Mean The Dog Dislikes The Music?

Not likely. Although some people may get a little squeamish that the dog is actually distressed by the music, this is simply not the case. He wouldn’t be howling, he would be trembling and hiding somewhere safe. The look of anxiety or confusion in the dog’s eyes is just his mind trying to process the cue, so that he can figure out what his role is in the situation.

So, there you have it! Now you know a little bit more about why dogs sing along with their owners. Does your dog this? Send us a video and we may feature it!