This Rottweiler Loves Water. See What She Does In the Shower!

If someone were to say to you, “There’s nothing like a long hot shower”, you might respond with very little amazement and in total agreement. It’s a pretty typical thing for a person to enjoy. However, if someone said to you, “My Rottweiler loves water, she will stay in the shower for as long as I let her,” you might have a different reaction. My reaction, for example, would be one of bewilderment, because my dog can’t stand showers and I have never know a dog to genuinely enjoy them.

In this video, we have evidence that such a dog does exist. Lena the Rottweiler’s love of the water was discovered one day when her owner, Ursula Live, stepped out of the shower and, with the water still running, her dog jumped right into the shower and started enjoying the water. From then on out, there was no separating Lena from her beloved shower. She will and does lounge in the shower for extended periods of time when Ursula Liv allows her to. Too funny. Now if only I could get my dog to even tolerate showers, let alone enjoy them…

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