Ridiculous Video Claims To Show Girl Catching Snake With Bare Hands

Most kids — and most people in general, frankly — are terrified of snakes. The sight of a harmless garter snake in the backyard is enough to send almost anybody running, even though the worst they could do is give you a little superficial bite. And poisonous snakes? Don’t even get us started!

There’s one girl, however, who is nothing like most people. She isn’t afraid of snakes and the way she shows it will have you wincing. She catches a cobra with her bare hands! 

Okay…okay, we’re kidding. The whole thing is a ridiculous prank and it’s so bad, it’s almost good. In the video, you’ll see that they didn’t even try to make this look realistic. The toy snake is obviously made of rubber and it’s moving way too fast. Be sure to check it out down below!