This Sea Otter Pup Was Abandoned By Its Mother, And Then Something Amazing Happened!

When they found her, she had been abandoned by her mother. Alone, this sea otter pup, known only as “Pup 681”, would have had very little chance of survival. Thanks to the kindness of the good and caring professionals from the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago, that is no longer a concern.

Shedd Aquarium

Strangers just happened to be passing through the Coastways Beach of California when they heard her cries. When they found her, the baby Sea Otter was incredibly tiny, weighing only two pounds. Since then, the Shedd Aquarium has been working very hard at properly nourishing her and teaching her how to swim! Check out the video below to see their awesome work in motion.

If you’d like to follow this beautiful creature’s progress, you can do so at this link.

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