Puppy Tries To Attack His Own Hiccups And It’s Adorable

Being a puppy or a baby must be a very unique experience – there are so many new things in the world to explore and experience, and nobody to explain them. From mirrors to your own farts, life is certainly a mystery! Well, Buck, an 8 week old Heeler, is just a little confused by the hiccups coming out of his mouth.

It certainly must be an interesting feeling for the first time: your whole body suddenly making movements you can’t control… and then all of the sudden… a sound… over, and over again! Whatever it is, Buck the puppy thought that it must be attacked! His human, Matthew Kennelly, poked a little fun at Buck by saying, “What are these things inside of me?! I will scare them away!” Watch the video below and see Buck’s reaction yourself – it’s only 15 seconds long, but in those short 15 seconds, your heart will melt!