Puppy Chow Brings Adorable Puppies to Cute Kids And Grandparents To Brighten Their Day And Yours

We all know that puppies can brighten up any day, and this superb ad from Purina Puppy Chow and SoulPancake proves it. The two companies teamed up to bring the people in this video… and you… lots of cute puppies that could use a cuddle… or two… or three…

As the ad opens up with, it was just another day for a group of pre-schoolers, a group of elderly people in a home, and a group of cross fitters. They all were pleasantly surprised when all of the sudden… PUPPIES!! It’s the #PowerofPuppies to brighten up any ordinary day. Just watch and see for yourself.

That’s not the best part about this video, though. For every video view, Puppy Chow will donate one pound of Puppy Chow Natural to Rescue Bank®, up to 500,000 pounds or until April 23, 2016. As of this posting on Monday, April 4, 2016, the video is up to 290,711 video views, so we have a ways to go to get it to 500,000 video views! Share with someone that needs the power of puppies, and bring some joy to your friend and do a good deed for other dogs in need.