Pug Owner Finds Dog In Trash Can

All dog and cat owners know the feeling of coming home to see the house in disarray. It’s a sure sign that your furry friend had a little fun while you were away, and sometimes how or where you find that furry friend can be the funniest part about the experience. Of course, if you have more than oneĀ animal, figuring out which one made the mess can also be a fun game. But, if you know your fur friends well, you can usually very quickly figure out who the culprit was.

YouTuber Viva Frei had the pleasure of coming home to a very messy kitchen, and he immediately knew that his pug was responsible. The big question of the day was… where was the pug? Viva looked everywhere for his little pug, confused by where he could possibly be. Well, he finally found his dog inside of a kitchen cabinet…. sitting in the trash can! How the pug managed to get inside the trash can is still a mystery, but that’s okay because he’s an old little fella that just needs a lot of love. Viva summed it up best by saying, “When I found him, I was too impressed to be mad.”