Pit Bull Found Tied Up At Playground Just Can’t Stop Hugging Humans Now

Pit bulls get such a bad rap, but did you know that they actually used to be called Nanny Dogs because of how good they were with little children who needed a little babysitting? These days, they’re trained to fight because they’re naturally so strong, but many pit bulls are just big bundles of joy.

Their reputation leads to thousands of pit bulls being tragically put to sleep each year, but there are more and more rescuers working to save them all the time from fates they absolutely don’t deserve. Most of them are total love bugs! That’s exactly how everyone who knows Lilybug would describe her.

Heartbreakingly, she was found tied up and abandoned at a playground. She eventually found her way to the “One Lucky Pup” foster program to start a new life. It was immediately clear that this girl was a total sweetheart, and Co-Executive Director of the rescue program, Marisa Grimshaw, fell in love instantly. Eventually, she adopted Lilybug to be her own! This adorable pooch is so empathetic that she just can’t help but literally hug everyone around her to make sure they’re smiling. Learn more about the cutie in the video down below!

Rescue Pit Bull Can't Stop Hugging Everyone

This "hugging pit bull" is so sweet to everyone — including the little foster puppies she takes care of 😍

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, August 21, 2017