One Look At This Dog’s Neck Revealed That He Needed To Be Saved

In many areas around the U.S., it is actually illegal to leave animals chained up outside, particularly in the winter and summer seasons. Animal welfare laws are often slow to catch up even in a place like the U.S., and the same rings true in countries all over the world. In fact, there are many countries in which animal welfare is not even on the political radar.

In Romania, for example, it is totally legal to chain your pet outside for as long as you want, even in inclement weather. Such was the miserable fate of one dog who was found on the brink of death with a chain embedded in his neck.

He’d most likely been placed in a collar on a chain when he was a tiny puppy and left there for years. When rescuers found him, the collar was deeply embedded into his neck. Just a few more millimeters and he would have been dead. Rescue agency Howl of a Dog took him in, named him Archie, and got him on the road to recovery.

While the physical wounds healed relatively quickly, it was the emotional pain that would take longer to subside. As you can imagine, he wanted so badly to love and be loved but just couldn’t trust anyone for a while. After a few months, though, Archie learned to love and was even adopted by a family in the States!

Images via YouTube

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