Man Goes Undercover To Feed Stray Cats Near His Home In The Dead Of Night

The world is full of bad people. Glen Venezio? He’s absolutely not one of them. When he moved to Puerto Rico 11 years ago, there was one thing that really horrified him. All over his city, there were hundreds of stray cats starving to death and rummaging through trash on the streets. 

Being the kind soul that he is, he started feeding them. Much to his surprise, however, his neighbors were furious! They got mad at him for feeding the cats because they didn’t want them around. Horrifying, he had to have a police escort walk him home from work after a while because the backlash was becoming violent.

Then he had an idea: go undercover. In the dead of night, he continued feeding the cats that desperately needed help. What do you think? Did he do the right thing? Check out the video down below to learn more about Venezio’s mission.