Keyboard Cat Is An Internet Classic

Laying around somewhere in Charlie Schmidt’s house somewhere, there was a VHS tape from 1984 that was destined to become a cornerstone of the internet cat video culture. In fact, it might not be so far fetched to say that this is the video that started it all.

The the posthumously famous Cat’s name was Fatso. He passed away three years after the video was taken, in 1987. Years later, Brad O’Farrell asked Schmidt for permission to use the footage and also for others to use the footage without permission. There is now a website dedicated to the original Keyboard Cat video, as well as the thousands of meme videos that Fatso inspired. Dogs even jumped into the mix, with Piano Pug being one of the more popular characters.

Since then, Keybaord Cat has made appearances on various television shows, including the The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, as well as a Mad TV spoof on the movie Avatar.

Who would have ever thought that cat videos would become such a prevalent part of 21st century culture? Not even Charlie Schmidt or Fatso, the duo that started it all, could have imagined YouTube or the hundreds of thousands of cat videos contained therein.

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