‘Outside Dogs’ Are Often Lonely, Neglected, And Sad

Sometimes, when the victim of violence or neglect doesn’t have a voice, we have to lend them one of ours. That’s exactly what happened when actor Justin Long took a personal interest in dogs that are left outside, alone in a yard. This is no way to live, and contrary to what some people may think, “outside dogs”, as their owners label them, often lead physically and emotionally painful lives.

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While there are some owners that go to great lengths to ensure that their dogs left outside have plenty of food, water, and shelter, that is not the case for many. There are many circumstances in which dogs are left outside and simply forgotten; they’re deprived of food and water, and also become at the mercy of the elements. In the summer they are very hot, and in the winter they are cold, shivering, and alone.

So, the next time that someone colloquially refers to their dog as an “outside dog”, show them the below video and tell them that a silly label does NOT make it okay. If they don’t want to the dog in the house, give the dog to someone who isn’t such a crybaby about slobber and kisses.

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