Java The Boxer Was Abandoned And Pregnant, And Then Her Rescuer Appeared

We often hear stories of how dog owners that have moved and left behind a dog. This is not an uncommon reason behind a dog becoming a stray – how a human being could ever dream of leaving behind their best friend, we’ll never know. Java the Boxer is one of those dogs; she was left behind in the backyard to fend for herself. However, it wasn’t just Java that these monsters left behind… it turns out that they also left behind Java’s litter of puppies, because she was expecting, and very close to giving birth.

It turns out that, at only two years old, Java was also a baby. So, she waited, and waited. Starving. Cold. Then, just in time, her rescuer appeared. A good Samaritan named Karen from came to her aid. Then, within just a few hours of her rescue, Java gave birth to a beautiful litter of puppies.

The beautiful footage was captured below. (Around 2:30, there’s some footage of the birth. If you’re squeamish, please skip over that part!)

Then, Java and her beautiful new family were transported to a rescue that specializes in the Boxer breed. The good news is that the rescue was able to find a home not only for Java, but for her entire litter of puppies. What a beautiful ending to a story that easy could have ended in tragedy.

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