Jasper The Cat Missed Bow-Z The Dog SO Much After 10 Days Apart!

Dogs and cats are well known for their rivalries. In the movies and on TV…and even in real life…dogs are known for wanting to chase cats endlessly. And, cats seem to be always plotting their next ‘evil’ move against a dog. Well, believe it or not, cats and dogs aren’t always out to get each other. These two animals can be best of friends, too!

Jasper the Cat and Bow-Z the Dog prove just that. Bow-Z was away from home and Jasper for 10 days, and when he finally returned home, he got quite the welcoming! Jasper clung onto Bow-Z like there was no tomorrow! The cute kitty gave the dog hugs and kisses-a-plenty, to put it lightly. And, Bow-Z remains a calm little cucumber throughout, letting Jasper give him hug after hug after hug. What a heartwarming moment between two furry siblings! SHARE with your friends and family if this made you say “awwww!”