This Bulldog Dad Is The Best! What He Did For His Dog Before Leaving For Vacation Is Amazing.

Going on a family vacation is always so much fun and great bonding time for the family. But, if it means leaving your family pooch behind, that can make things a little sad for everyone in the family. Dogs are just as much a part of the family as everyone else, so the idea of leaving them behind, even when just going out to complete afternoon errands or going to work for the day, can be sad. Who ever wants to leave such a cutie, and someone that loves you so much, behind?!

Kai and his family, from Lillestrom, Norway, planned a trip to go to Thailand that everyone was so excited about… except for one thing: leaving their lovable and totally adorable family dog, Igor, behind. Worse yet, ever since becoming part of the family, Igor the Bulldog hasn’t spent a single night away from them. This would be Igor’s first visit to a kennel. So, while planning his family holiday, dad Kai also prepared a very special surprise for Igor the bulldog. Watch to see Igor’s amazing surprise – a true bulldog love story!