Husky Won’t Let His Human Out Of Bed And It’s Hilarious

I remember those days in middle school and high school like it was yesterday… having no interest in getting up, no matter how many times my parents would come in my room and nudge me to get up. I used to have a Tasmanian Devil alarm clock in my room, and my dad’s version of waking me up was setting the Taz alarm off. Needless to say, as much as I loved my little Taz clock, it was pretty annoying hearing that alarm go off in the morning. If only I had a partner in crime to help me stay in bed a little longer…

Well that’s exactly what this boy has! His husky is not a fan of getting up early, and he’s doing his darndest to keep himself and his bestest human friend in bed for as long as possible. Because even if you’re a dog and don’t have to go to school, who wants to get up in the morning?! And, who wants to watch their bestest friend leave for the day without them?? Watch the video below and be ready for a good laugh!

Funny Husky Does Not Want To Get Out Of BedWhen you’re in denial that you have to wake up.

Posted by Kyoot Animals on Friday, April 22, 2016