Her Husband Got Her A Service Dog To Help Her With Alzheimer’s. Their First Meeting Made Me Cry.

June Anderson struggles with Alzheimer’s disease, and her husband, Bruce, decided to get her a dog companion to help June find her way back home as she takes walks through their neighborhood. After months and months of waiting and anticipation, the couple finally got to meet their companion, a German Shepard named Sadie, and see if the service dog is a good match for June.

Watch this video to see June and Sadie meet for the first time. Their instant bond is remarkable, and they clearly are destined to become the best of friends. It’s so great to see that June found her perfect service dog match on the first attempt, like this! Service dogs can be trained to do remarkable things, and I’m sure that Sadie will bring so much pleasure, friendship, and aid to June’s life. Share if you were touched by this story.