Hulk The Pitbull Weighs 174 Pounds And is 6 Feet Tall. WOW!

It’s no wonder the entire internet is talking about Hulk the Pitbull… he weighs 174 pounds and stands nearly six feet tall when on his hind legs. I thought that this was photo shopped until I saw the footage in motion. Truly crazy. But don’t let his incredible size and strength fool you – Hulk is really a giant teddy bear. He just likes to eat, play, and hug.

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However, one of the questions that footage like this raises is what are the ethical implications of the selective breeding necessary to to produce admittedly beautiful creatures like Hulk? Is it fair to the dog? Does it reduce his length and quality of life, and is that really fair to the dog? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.