Abandoned Dog Leads Rescuers To 10 Sick Puppies

Dogs are truly amazing creatures, not only giving us unconditional love, but in many instances saving the lives of other animals, including humans. Lately, I wrote about Jack the Pitbull who saved Kitty’s life from Coyotes, and one of my all-time favorite stories is of blind dog Norman¬†who rescued a 14-year-old girl from drowning. Well, here is another dog hero to add to the list… and his name is very appropriately “Hero!”

In Dallas, TX, Hero the dog bravely led animal rescuers to a mommy dog who had just given birth to 10 puppies out in the woods. Hero, who clearly earned his name, kept incessantly barking until he got the rescue workers to follow him to where the sick puppies and mother dog were laying. Because of Hero, all of the dogs, mommy and puppies included, are safe and now in foster care. Watch the video for the amazing full story!